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P2P enable the development of high quality, efficient products for a demanding automotive market, through our experience in developing digital design information using 2D manufacturing and assembly drawings, 3D CAD modeling and virtual testing i.e. Product Analysis.


P2P provides expertise in the design and engineering of Locomotives and Locomotive sub-systems, e.g. cabs, brakes, safety appliances, fuel systems, and alternative fuel systems, and upgrades to maintain compliance with new regulations.


The aerospace industry faces challenges – ranging from revenue growth to sustenance of operations. P2P  Ensuring how to maximize customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings.P2P offerings the complete aircraft development cycle, including airframe structures, systems, and interiors for a wide array of aircraft ranging from trainer, transport, business and fighter aircraft, and helicopters to launch vehicles for satellites and gas turbines.


P2P enable the development of high quality, efficient products for ever growing agriculture market, through our expertise and knowledge in developing design information 2D Drawing, 3D CAD modeling and virtual testing i.e. Product Analysis.
Our Product Analysis and Design teams are experienced in achieving product/part design for important agriculture modules such as sheet metal and casting areas.


P2P enable manufacturers to build high-performance, safe and efficient equipment through our product analysis and design support capabilities, providing customers the opportunity to maintain a strong position in the heavy industry market.
Our key services including 2D drafting & CAD conversion, 3D CAD modeling and product virtual testing & validation provide everyone across the organizations to take informed design decisions, reduce design iterations and improve efficiency.


P2P shoulder the responsibility of completing offshore & ship design by providing quality detail engineering service with unique concept of “Designed to Fit” for production. Our ship designs are aimed to achieve a cost and time effective production cycle using various software platforms. We believe in highest standard of quality, efficiency & speed which are aimed at improving the customer profitability.